Hello World: First Blog Post Q&A

Who are you?

I’m Steve Wong. I’m a developer. I like to build things. I’ve worked on hardware, software and products that integrate both of these. I’ve worked on teams that have delivered computers, medical devices, factories, pipelines, software products, and clouds. I’ve had the good fortune to have participated in a few successful startups. When the latter of these was acquired, I joined my current employer, EMC.

I’ve held all but one of these jobs – I’ll let you guess the outlier: bartender, dishwasher, restaurant cook, baker, truck dispatcher, security alarm installer, manager of an engineering consulting firm, attorney, guy in fur suit portraying the Meadow Gold Dairy tiger, rodeo clown.

I mentor a high school robotics team. I am fond of books on college basketball coaching. I think there are human motivation and teamwork lessons from  John Wooden, Al McGuire, and even Bobby Knight that are more timeless than the content in the latest “flavor of the month” business best seller. When your feedstock is rookie teenagers, and your delivery dates starts in a few months, that’s a real challenge.

Why start blogging now, did you discover a lost package from 2003 and find a WordPress 1.0 CD?

I recently moved to a new role within EMC.

My former job had me working on classic EMC and VMware “closed source” products. For the most part, the stuff wasn’t even announced until it was for sale. By this time the technology choices you made are old, and less interesting, and the marketing channel wants an exclusive on messaging about the product.

My new role has me working exclusively on open source. It’s time to start blogging!

Is this blog one of those corporate mouthpieces, disguised as a personal blog ?

Nope this is my personal blog. What you find here is my personal opinion.

The content here is not reviewed or approved by EMC.

What you find here is well reasoned and correct. Needless to say this doesn’t necessarily match the opinions and views of every pointy haired boss and PR hack within EMC. All kidding aside, EMC is fairly tolerant of conflicting views – and this is a good thing.

If you read something here, and then quote it as “EMC said this..”, you are not being ethical. In this blog I speak for myself, and only myself. This is not the EMC “party line”. In some cases what I write here might be an attempt to influence those within EMC, as much as those outside.

What are you going to blog about?

This blog is about using modern development tools and platforms to deliver scalable software solutions. I expect that most of this will be about open source software.

Why would a for-profit software company choose to engage in open source?

Stay tuned for my next post…

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